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Tools and Downloads

Sample Application and SDK for with Source Code

There are the following sample applications available as a referral to build your own compatible products:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ / MFC sample (complete)
  • Plain C sample (basic functionality)
  • Borland Delphi sample code (complete)

ActivateNow SDK 2.0
Download ActivateNow SDK 2.0 (UTID edition) (supports UTID + ASProtect)
Includes two samples and documentation for C++ / MFC.

ActivateNow integration tutorial
Get ActivateNow integration tutorial and manual in Microsoft Word format.

Third Party Tools

ASProtect - a Complete Executable Protection Suite

Product keys contain a special security feature that allows our SDK to dynamically decrypt and encrypt vital sections of the executable file using the ASProtect. It can be used if ASProtect protects the executable file, which is highly recommended.

ASProtect can be used for executable code protection.

ASProtect web-site